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Matthew C. Taibbi (b. March 1970) is an American author and polemical journalist reporting on politics, media, finance, and sports for Rolling Stone and Men's Journal, and formerly a writer and editor for The eXile, the New York Press, and The Beast.

Taibbi appeared as a guest commentator on the third Current TV edition of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, discussing his Rolling Stone profile "Michele Bachmann's Holy War."

On the 27 June 2011 edition, he discussed Bachmann's repeated factual errors in light of her announcement from her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa that she intended to seek the Presidency while mistakenly claiming that John Wayne was from Waterloo. John Wayne is from Winterset, Iowa. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy had lived in Waterloo.

On the 6 July 2011 edition, he discussed the fact that closing a single Bush-era capital gains loophole on just twenty-five hedge-fund managers could generate more than $4-billion a year in revenue, as well as Eric Cantor's indication that Republicans would be willing to discuss closing such corporate tax loopholes, and the fact that almost 80% of Americans in Ohio, Missouri, Montana and Minnesota support a tax increase on millionaires.